New Art Coming to Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth

New Art Coming to Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth. Hey art enthusiasts, listen up! Trafalgar Square’s famous Fourth Plinth is about to get a makeover, and it’s not your usual statues this time around. Seven artists, like Thomas J. Price and Veronica Ryan, are vying for the spotlight with their cool ideas for the 2026 and 2028 commissions. Who’s gonna win? Well, we’ll find out next month, so stay tuned!

Thomas J. Price’s Piece: Ancient Feelings

Price’s creation, “Ancient Feelings,” tells the story of a made-up lady representing community unity. He’s all about showing the human side of things, not just celebrating victories. Price wants folks to really connect with his work, especially in today’s world where humanity seems to be in short supply.

Veronica Ryan’s Submission: Sweet Potatoes and Yams are Not the Same

Ryan, the Turner Prize winner in 2022, is cooking up something special with her piece. Picture this: a “sweet potato island” covered in growing vine leaves. But don’t be fooled by the veggie vibe—Ryan’s aiming to stir up some serious talk about today’s big global issues. And she’s proudly calling her work “anti-monumental” in today’s politically charged atmosphere.

Tschabalala Self’s Tribute: Lady in Blue

Self’s proposal is a nod to the amazing women of London, capturing the vibe of modern city life. Her piece, “Lady in Blue,” shines a spotlight on the diverse and vibrant culture that defines our beloved city today.

Chila Burman’s Touching Piece: The Smile You Send Returns To You

Burman’s artwork is close to the heart, showcasing her dad’s ice cream van, The Rocket. It’s a sweet tribute to her family’s journey and the beauty of multiculturalism that brings us all together.

Ruth Ewan’s Quirky Idea: Believe in Discontent

Ewan’s got a playful idea up her sleeve—a sculpture of a cat paying homage to the Suffragist activists of yesteryear. These fierce ladies, often portrayed as cats in the media, get their moment to shine in Ewan’s whimsical creation.

Gabriel Chaile’s Bold Proposal

Argentine artist Gabriel Chaile isn’t playing it safe with his proposal. He’s all about pushing boundaries, planning to recreate the mud nest of the Hornero bird as a symbol of resilience in tough times.

Andra Ursuta’s Abstract Vision

Ursuta’s got us scratching our heads with her life-sized equestrian statue wrapped in a shroud and covered in slime-green resin. It’s a real head-scratcher, reflecting the uncertainties of our world today.

Fourth Plinth Programme: A Quick History Lesson

The Fourth Plinth programme kicked off in 1999 and has showcased the works of fourteen awesome artists since then. Thanks to funding from the Mayor of London, Arts Council England, and Bloomberg Philanthropies, it’s become a hotspot for cutting-edge contemporary art.

What’s Next?

Right now, we’ve got Samson Kambalu’s “Antelope” on display, but later this year, Teresa Margolles‘s “850 Improntas” will take its place. And hey, the Fourth Plinth is fully booked until 2028, so who knows what other cool ideas are in store?

Exciting times ahead for Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth, showing off the best of contemporary art from all around the globe!