Thank you for helping us reach 5k Facebook likes!

By October 29, 2014No Comments

Hey there, friends! It’s Elementree Livity Project coming at you once again for another monthly update. October brought us some great experiences including a killer set at Resonance Music and Arts Festival featuring Chris Houser from The Werks, as well as a blistering performance at Jimmie’s ladder 11 in Dayton, Ohio with our dear friends, Jonny Dreads and The Mystiks. On top of that, we hit 5,000 likes on Facebook in only 14 months of playing out!!!! We certainly could not have done it without all of the love and support that our growing fan base has shown us. We’ve all been to a lot of shows in our lives, however, we’ve never witnessed such an outpouring of love and good vibes, as it seems to simply ooze out of Livity fans. We are truly blessed, humbled, and thankful for all of you.

Coming up, we have a slew of great shows lined up as we take the road to places like Columbus, Huntington, Covington, and Newport where we will be throwin’ it down with some of our favorite bands like the mighty Shrub, our dear brethren from Roots of a Rebellion, the super trippy Consider The Source and the Grammy award-winning Shaggy! Get your tickets before they sell out by clicking HERE!

Can’t wait to see you all very soon!!!!

– Elementree Livity Project