Elementree Livity Project – Count Me In (Acoustic Cover) – written by Rebelution

by on October 19, 2015 in

Elementree Livity Project doesn’t usually enter too many contests, once in awhile perhaps. But since we love these Rebelution guys and their music so much, we decided to go ahead and take a shot at one of their tunes‪ #‎countmein‬ and participate in the most recent ‪#‎RebelutionContest‬. So check this out, let us know what you think, share with your friends. We want to hear from YOU! And of course we really hope Eric Rachmany, Marley D Williams, Rory Carey, Wesley Finley & the rest of the crew dig it too! Let us know guys! ‪#‎ELP513‬

Special thanks to Leave Your Mark TV for helping us out with this quick shoot. They always seem to somehow make a bunch of band nerds look pretty cool. Ha ha!

Thanks to Fender, Ibanez Guitars, Takamine Guitars, QSC Audio ProductsPreSonus Audio Electronics, AKG, Remo Drum Heads, Gibson and so many more, that make all the cool instruments and toys we used in the making of this video. Y’all rock seriously.

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