You’re Not Ready

RELEASED: February 6, 2015
ARTIST: Elementree Livity Project
PRODUCER: Ric Hopkins

Elementree Livity Project’s premiere studio release “You’re Not Ready” exemplifies their unique brand of Midwestern reggae-jam-rock. ELP has created a recipe for success based on one goal — to bring the message of livity to the masses. A message of peace, harmony, love and understanding for all people.

Track Listing:

1. You’re Not Ready
2. Anyway
3. Steppin’ Out of Babylon
4. The Change
5. Helicopter Man
6. You’re Not Ready (Radio Edit)
released 06 February 2015

© 2014. “YOU’RE NOT READY” all songs written, composed, and performed by ELEMENTREE LIVITY PROJECT. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ric Hopkins at The Soundworkshop Studios. Artwork by Brittany Borneman.

Copyright; 2013-2015, Elementree Livity Project. All rights reserved.